Friday, April 27, 2007

Illegal Drug Questions

Okay, here's the deal. I'm working on my third Fay Cunningham mystery and have some questions. In this book, young people are dying. I don't have the story line all worked out. But, the book opens with the suspicious death of a recovering heroin addict. There are two reasons why my first victim in this new book is a heroin addict in recovery. One, there have been a large number of deaths in my neck of the woods due to heroin overdose in the past several years. Arrest are being made, but that hasn't stopped the growing number of overdose deaths. Two, I have a family member struggling with this devastating addiction. So here are my questions that I'd like your answers to.
1. Do you believe someone should be put in jail for using an illegal drug? Before you answer, remember that I'm only asking about if they should be jailed for using the drug.
2. Do you believe the billions of dollars the US government spends annually on the war on drugs is working?
I'm asking the second question because I'm having a hard time believing it is. In my quest for answers, I've run across an interesting organization. LEAP(Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).
So I guess my third question for all to ponder is, do you think it's time to listen to what these folks at LEAP are saying?

Until Next Time...Debra


Usiku said...

If grown people want to do things to themselves or with another consenting grown person, it should be allowed as long as they do not involve anyone not in agreement directly or indirectly.

If a crime or accident is caused by someone under some influence of drugs then the penalty should be multiplied exponentially.

There wouldn't be a problem if legal and illegal drugs were not available and greed and pain were not so prominent.

There wouldn't be a problem if the moral decline was not like a sheer drop off.

Lastly, without crime and confusion, the non-necessity of such a pervasive and invasive government would be a foregone conclusion.

It's amazing how some people can't get jobs or other things they need to overcome and be productive, yet they can get drugs, the paraphernalia, weapons, etc. despite the multi-billion, well-organzied, educated, determined forces supposedly trying to keep them from getting these items in the first place. Hmmnn...

The war on drugs would be more effective if it were a war on depression and disentegration.

Other than that, I haven't thought about it much.

Curt E said...

Use of drugs should not be illegal. But what do you do if a user deals drugs to finance his/hers habit?

I live outside the U.S.(Sweden), so I have no answer to questions 2 and 3.