Friday, April 27, 2007

Illegal Drug Questions

Okay, here's the deal. I'm working on my third Fay Cunningham mystery and have some questions. In this book, young people are dying. I don't have the story line all worked out. But, the book opens with the suspicious death of a recovering heroin addict. There are two reasons why my first victim in this new book is a heroin addict in recovery. One, there have been a large number of deaths in my neck of the woods due to heroin overdose in the past several years. Arrest are being made, but that hasn't stopped the growing number of overdose deaths. Two, I have a family member struggling with this devastating addiction. So here are my questions that I'd like your answers to.
1. Do you believe someone should be put in jail for using an illegal drug? Before you answer, remember that I'm only asking about if they should be jailed for using the drug.
2. Do you believe the billions of dollars the US government spends annually on the war on drugs is working?
I'm asking the second question because I'm having a hard time believing it is. In my quest for answers, I've run across an interesting organization. LEAP(Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).
So I guess my third question for all to ponder is, do you think it's time to listen to what these folks at LEAP are saying?

Until Next Time...Debra

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Pounds Are Finally Coming Off!

I'm back to report that I haven't fallen off the treadmill, though you might of thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth since I haven't posted lately. The weather's been terrific around my neck of the woods lately so I do my walking outdoors, mostly. If I don't get the workout in before the sun goes down, look out treadmill, here I come. Looks like I'll be doing more of the indoor exercising the next several days since the weatherman painted a dreary picture for the days ahead.

The good news is I finally stopped gaining weight(muscle) from all this working out. I've actually lost two whole pounds.

Anybody read any good books lately? I'm having a terrible time finding one that keeps me turning the pages. Usually when this happens, it means I'm about to take the plunge and start writing a new one. I've been seriously thinking about a new mystery series. I'm waiting for a character to begin talking to me. Several keep popping into my thoughts. But that special one has yet to be heard from.

Until Next Time...Debra