Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Organic Farming

I just watched a news report on the growing demand for organic food. When I began my Fay Cunningham Mystery Series, you heard little news about organic farming. Over the years I’ve been known to do things before others. Perhaps that’s why Mitch Malone, one of my main characters, retired as police chief to become an organic farmer. Wish I could remember exactly how I came up with Mitch’s new line of work. I’ll have to dig out the original notebook I used for character sketching when I began the series.

It seems agents and editors don’t want a mystery series unless it has that super powerful hook. We have hooks that include, recipes, wineries, hairdressers, house cleaners, veterinarians, and a ton of others.

Dare I say it? Have I been incorrectly marketing my series? After all, I don’t recall a series that teams a retired police chief, turned organic farmer with a menopausal small town newspaper publisher. You have to admit the odd pairing makes creating conflict on the page inevitable. And of course a whole lot of fun for me.

Until Next Time...Debra