Tuesday, April 19, 2016

On Gabriella's sixteenth birthday, her mom drove to the local bakery to pick up a cake and never came home.

Not knowing who her father is, Gabriella is sent to live with an aunt she never knew existed. She suspects the woman is a fraud. But before she can prove it, they are chased through a portal and the bizarre adventure begins. It is no accident Gabriella ends up in a strange land full of danger, mystery, shape-shifters, and a budding romance.

Author’s Note

Savior is a 25,000 word novella and was my first attempt at writing a fantasy for teens and adults. I plan to continue with Savior, provided you the reader wants to read more about the characters I created. I want to know what happens next. Do you?


A dead son

A tortured soul

A murder to solve

Out of his mind with grief from the tragic death of his young son, Dick Jones is determined to permanently end his misery. He's a second away from putting a bullet in his head when fate or the devil herself intervenes.