Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deadly Arrows-Review

Newest eBook Review - Deadly Arrows
by Debra Lee (Mystery)
Book Two in the Fay Cunningham Mystery Series

The small town of Pennsylvania has a problem – someone is killing with arrows. Could it just be a hunting accident, a kill that no one knew even happened, or is something more sinister brewing in this hamlet? To make matters worse, it is the former police chief's niece that has been killed. Mitch didn't want any help from his girlfriend, Fay Cunningham, publisher of a successful newspaper, but she was going to give it anyway. Now her life is in danger, but why?

Deadly Arrows is a book that is filled with mystery, adventure and romance. Our author, Debra Lee gives us two very likable main characters, Fay and Mitch, and intertwines their personal life, romantic, and other avenues, nicely into the meat of the mystery. She then layers other characters and situations building upon her story. Nice job. The story is well paced, not too fast as to lose some of the heart of the characters, but moving along keeping the readers attention gently building suspense and bringing all to the final conclusion.

I enjoyed this read from the characters to the locals that were well described within the story.

It was suspenseful and entertaining at the same time. Well done.

~ Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer

MidWest Book Review

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