Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year To All!

I want to begin 2007 with a sincere wish to all for a peaceful, rewarding and wonderful year.
See you all soon...Debra

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Computer Nightmare

Another computer nightmare

It seems like just yesterday I had my last computer nightmare. But I know it was probably over a year ago. Only this time my problem wasn't with the hard drive.

My nightmare began a week ago. These annoying sounds began coming from my computer. Bells and whistles going off for no apparent reason. The little arrow my mouse points wouldn't go where I wanted it to go. I couldn't type the letter y. I never realized how many times I use that letter.

Call tech support, this little voice inside my head said. No way. Been there, done that many times before. In most of those incidences I ended up fixing the problem myself. Determined to solve the problem on my own, I went to work. Three days later, the computer is on its way out the window when I caved in.

Two hours on the line with tech support running the same test I'd already done and the tech guy tells me I need a new keyboard. He'd transfer me to hardware so I could order it.

Tech support cost me $41.00. New keyboard, $29.00, shipping included.

Next time I'm going directly to the hardware department.

Today the frustration has passed. My new keyboard arrived. Three days before it was due to ship. Imagine that!

Until Next Time...Debra