Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Contract-New Book

I'm back with great news. I just signed a contract for a new book. Dangerous Bedfellows will be available soon as an e-book. This book is a stand alone and quite different from my Fay Cunningham series. Yes, there's mystery and murder. But Jackie, my main character isn't anything at all like Fay. She's a much darker character. I'm not even sure readers will like her. I guess you'll need to read the book and let me know.

Dangerous Bedfellows is the disturbing and rewarding story of Jackie. Damaged goods. That's one way to describe Ms. Bertoni. Survivor is another after the traumatic childhood she endured at the hands of her father in Italy. With the help of the American filmmaker her boyfriend sold her to for a week of sexual pleasure, she is able to fulfill her lifelong dream to escape to America. Life is good to her in the land of the free. She becomes a successful movie producer. Sixteen years slip by before the big betrayal when Jackie knows she'll never be free-never whole-able to trust another man until she gets even with the three who stole her life.

Sound interesting? To those who answered yes, check back often for the release date and purchase information. I promise it will be soon.

Until Next Time...Debra