Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another One!

Isn't it about time for another update? The question was put to me again. So here goes. I've been taking another look at the sequel to A Dangerous Woman. All finished for now. Next up, knee surgery. Ouch! I've been putting off the necessary repair work. Now I'm about to take the plunge. Though I could chicken out the day of... Provided all goes as planned, I'm about to have loads of free time to write. I mean what else can one do while sitting with leg elevated? This is a great opportunity to plop the butt on my recliner, arrange laptop on lap and peck away at the keyboard. I've already done a sizeable chunk of work on the third Fay Cunningham mystery. So the plan is to move closer to the finish line during the recovery period from knee surgery.

The next time I'm reminded my blog needs an update, I hope to report a successful surgery and murder. Until next time...Debra