Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Not Snowing, but

I got a treadmill. If you read my last post you know I need to get my cholesterol down before my next doctor visit. I never used a treadmill before. So the other night when I hauled one home and talked my husband into helping me put it together, I stepped aboard. I read somewhere you get a better workout if you don't hold onto the handrails. So I let go, began swinging my arms, then tapped the button on the console to increase the speed. If not for those handrails I grabbed, I would've done a nose dive into the floor. Ouch! Carpet burns on the face would be a bit difficult to explain, don't you think?

The only time I ever stepped onto scales to do a weight check was on my yearly visit to the doctor. Since I decided to exercise and watch my diet, I've been checking my weight. Tonight when I stepped on the scales I know shock radiated from every facial feature. I've now gained a total of six pounds. Wait a minute, I thought diet and exercise made you lose weight. The workouts, added fruits and vegetables to meals doesn't seem to be working. Must need some sweets. A hefty slice of leftover Milky Way cake from a family member's birthday is sitting on the counter waiting for someone do something with it. Need I say more?

Until Next Time...Debra

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