Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Redemption went live on Amazon today for the Kindle at the incredibly low introductory price of 99 cents. Here's the book's description.

Kay Diggs thought selling her novel would make her life easier. She soon learns she couldn't have been more wrong when she is kidnapped, interrogated, and given a subtle threat about her daughter's life. All she has to do to keep her daughter safe is uncover what happened to the missing young girl during the President's college days in the town where Kay lives.

The Book's Opening

Over the years, that horrible vision of her, staring up at him from the freshly dug grave had faded. But in recent months, every time he closed his eyes to try and sleep, all he would see were those blue-green eyes of hers, staring up at him, like when he last saw her that night . . .

You can get your copy by Clicking Here. Love to hear your thoughts on the book.

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