Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Great Day In The Neighborhood

I love to hear from readers and got a really great surprise from one today. The hubby and me were having dinner at a local restaurant when a woman came up to me and wanted to know when my next book was coming out. She couldn't stop praising my writing. She'd read A Dangerous Woman. Her eyes lit up when I told her I'd finished the next book in the series. That's when she went on and on about how she could relate to my main character, Fay Cunningham. Her enthusiasm waned a bit when I told her I didn't know when the book would be published...still in search of a publisher. Any takers out there? The woman made sure I jotted down her phone number and address so I could contact her as soon as I had a date for the release of Deadly Arrows. Her words of how she felt like she'd walked into Fay's life and didn't want to leave, made it a great day in the neighborhood for this author. Until next time...Debra

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